Our Treatments

Our staff here at Carefree Healthcare is highly experienced and versatile, with experts from a variety of disciplines working together toward the ultimate aim of getting you back into the best state possible. We take a personalized approach toward your recovery that is based on your health and goals.

Rehabilitation Program

The human musculo-neuro-skeletal system is often referred to as the “principal machinery of life.” Our team of experts works in facilities with the latest technology. This permits us to rehabilitate your physical and functional abilities by correcting this fundamental biological system.


Spinal Correction is a dynamic healthcare discipline. We have physicians and therapy professionals that keep themselves updated about the most recent studies and methods, which allows them to provide our patients with spinal correction treatments that get excellent results while maintaining the highest safety standards.


The equilibrium of life force energy is fundamental to a person’s health – both physically and mentally. Our experienced acupuncture specialist will use her abilities and training in this age-old technique to ensure that you enjoy a life that is both healthy and balanced.


Orthotics must be customized to match the specific needs of individual patients. When this is the case, they play a critical part in recovering the normal function of the neuromuscular system and the skeletal system. We have a seasoned chiropodist on staff at our Carefree Healthcare who is able to meet the needs of the patient in developing the most appropriate orthotic solution when necessary.


We also have a qualified physiotherapist on our team. This professional has access to some of the latest equipment used in the field with the goal of getting not only your body, but also your quality of life, back to their normal state.


Massage is known to produce many benefits, with mood improvement, postural alignment, and spinal correction just a few examples of these. We pride ourselves in employing the best RMT’s in Brampton. Their broad skillsets allow them to develop massage solutions that can meet your specific needs.

In-Home Therapy

It is our mission to make you as comfortable as possible during the process. Don’t hesitate to call us in order to schedule a therapy session at your own home. Yes, we can bring all the benefits of Active Rehab right to you!

Spinal Decompression Treatment

Chronic back pain does not necessarily require surgery to be improved. Spinal Decompression Treatment is also available at our facilities. This reliable treatment can help our patients enjoy a fulfilling life free of the shackles of pain.