We at Carefree Healthcare work in tandem with insurance companies. Our staff, consisting of highly-qualified Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, and Case Managers, cooperates with these companies in order to achieve a life that is free from pain for our patients while keeping within the limits of their insurance policies.


Why Choose Us?

HCAI Compliant Staff: Whether clinicians or therapists, our staff members are competent experts on HCIA standards. Making sure that these guidelines are met throughout the course of treatment is one of our top priorities.

Detailed Treatment Plans: Insurance adjusters and patients alike can rest assured that treatment plans will be detailed comprehensively.

Assessments: We make sure to administer required assessments without delay.

Detailed Reports: The reports we provide with respect to our patients’ rehabilitation and recover cover all necessary information.

Timely Response: Our responses to questions and requests are always provided promptly.

Communication: We understand that strong communication is critical. As such, we openly provide the most recent reports and keep all relevant parties informed of any new developments.