Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, we have an answer for it!
Following are the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us and we will love to answer it.

Looking for a rehab best suited to your needs is a daunting task. There are a few things to consider before settling on any one rehabilitation company;

  • Credentials and experience of the staff. You will find their certificates displayed at their facility. You can always ask for one in case they are not.
  • Prior experience of the staff related to your diagnosis or condition.
  • Are they ready to collaborate with your family, healthcare providers and/or legal team?
  • Do they have the means and resources to give you a customized treatment plan?
  • Do they offer in-home treatments?

Our qualified professionals will review your prior medical history. In addition to that, for diagnosis and prognosis they will do a variety of examinations and assessments. We will then devise a customized treatment plan based on the findings in order to give you the best treatment.

You can either come to our state of the art facility to make the best use of our equipment, or book our chiropractors, physiotherapists, Occupation Therapists and Registered Massage Therapists for an in-house treatment.

We accept employment benefits and insurance benefits. We also accept private patients. Depending on however you choose to pay, we will proceed with your treatment only after the approval of cost from you and your insurance provider so you can enjoy our services with a peace of mind.

If your insurance is covering the cost of your treatment, we will bill your insurance adjuster directly. We will also send the invoice to you for your record.

To ensure that you have a carefree recovery, we provide the most effective treatment plan for you within the threshold of your insurance benefits. Should you need any further assistance, we can help connect you with the community resources to aid your rehabilitation plans.